Two knights Go Out in War


Music fits perfectly

Haha the music just fucking killed me, it looks so weird man. I love it.

I dont understand but atleast its L4D.
Rated artistic.

I felt like commenting on this picture so I will. Not because you told me to.


It’s an interestingly refreshing idea.

I didn’t tell you to ;<

And thanks! :buddy:


ok picture i guess

I like it, very clever idea.

Hey guys, thanks for the comments. :buddy:

Lol, a breath of fresh air for once. Nice one. I like it.
And for once I listened to thread music, well done on that too.


zerax… the song sounds like the fucking Christmas series Lassemajas detektivbyrå :smiley:

GREAT :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m fairly sure that’s where it’s from, mate. Haha, and I know it was featured in a commercial for Apoteket :v: