Two KSK agents are sneaking carefuly.


Nice german troops!

fraking sweet man.

Not bad.
Although, Trigger Discipline :eng101:
And the blur looks really weird, looks like you opened SDoF but didn’t render.

Looks very good, but you should have done the DOF in photoshop instead of ingame

I’m seconding All Ilwrath said.

The posing is good though, and the rest of the editing. Good work.

Shit, that looks great but the dof looks REALLY weird.

Can I have a link to those KSK soldiers?

I love the posing on the left guy. I agree the DoF is a little funky though.
Also, the snowy trees look out of place.

Nice work. It looks epic.

KSK soldiers = cod 4 MP marines = released
ksk soldiers = release them dawg

The DOF is all…wavy?
Everything else is great

Great scene build, posing, and skin. But, the DOF could use some work.

The blur looks a bit strange in places but other than that the picture is really good.