Two l4d Images : "Spitter!" and "Look behind Damnit!"

I was rather bored…


Don’t you hate those players who never look back?

The next person who leaves me to be raped by a hunter will be pm’d the following scene

Ignorance is no excuse!

(Editing not done with the new engine thingy)

2nd shot is a bit too blurry, kinda looks like Nick is smiling

He’s tickling him, that’s why.

Whoa, that does look like the new engine thingie(I think your referring to sobel right?)

Looks cool to me.

Gaussian blur for 2 - 3 > Edit : Fade blur > Change mode to darken.

Simple but i really like the outcome :smiley:

I personally dont like the new graphic style of this and is the spitter spitting smoke on the first?