"Two Lovers and a Mutilated Mingebag"


Ah, this takes me back.


Dat ass.

Do you plan on publishing this???

Yes, yes I do.


How did you get the characters their own bloom color? Did you use the color tool and stuff like that?

No, I separated the pics. :v:

ok, I see.

I was scared when you sent me that picture of your Zoey skin staring into my soul.

Black People…



Nice one boyo.

Much obliged.

This is weird and refreshing. Not your run of the mill stuff. Gives Butthurter an arty for the first one and a funny for the last poses if Facepunch will let me.

I dare someone to get high on crack and look at the series of images that Butthurter posted.


heck yes

I’m terrified

I love it