Two lovers in a sniper scope


Shoot there lips.


I knew Ellis was doing Francis behind Nick’s back. Just wait until Gnin sees this.

Nick is the guy handling the sniper if you’re wondering.

A love tragedy then.

next step: have them fuck eachother.

Have the rifle aimed at the dick.

Poor poor Ellis.

Whats with all the gay poses anyway?
You’re starting to scare me.

Shoot their noses when they come into contact.

If you want, I’ll explain through steam.

People scared of gay poses. It’s quite amusing.
Dem made one. He is to blame for any future flood and earthquakes:black101:

Gay poses originated from our father-mother, The Butthurter.


Good I thought I would.

Don’t forget miscarrages, rape, murders, tornadoes/huricanes, meteors, cancer, Justin Beiiber concerts, etc.

Indeed, my child.


They’re cumming for you…

I wouldn’t blame my worst enemy for Justin Bieber. Perhaps Hannah Montana since
the bitch probably crawled out of some hole. But not him. He is an escaped lab experiment.