Two Marines are breaching a door.


Looks good. Replace into with a in the thread title.


No problem :smile:

Bustin’ down doors killin’ some mo’fuckin’ Commies!

Truly awesome, nice job ddok!

thanks blo

Looks realistic minus the gmod10 graphics.

what’s with all those military stuff, can’t you be more creative ?

Fuck that. No offense but, people can make a portrait and people don’t call it generic and uncreative. And they’ve been doing that for way longer.

well i’ve seen like one million screenshots about soldiers breaching a door, so how can i say it ? ENOUGH GOD DAMN IT!

I’ve seen billions of people painting/drawing people/themselves.
Seriously if it looks good praise it or ignore it because it if it’s generic.

well i guess… but that’s facepunch isn’t it ? original ideas coming out of nowere(or something like that)

It’s an awesome picture, love the motion in it. Keep up the good work. :buddy:

Like I said even when you’re about to make a account it says “when in doubt, don’t post”

I like the detail of the bolts flying off the door.

Awesome weapon models.

But it’s still generic.

And I thought it was

“When in doubt, get out”

Really, because when I draw stuff like this people think it’s new and original.

would be better if door had motion blur
nice posing though
good job ddok