Two Marines Doing Marine Stuff

Reminds me of some of the old shit that used to roll up in these here parts, but there ain’t none of that no more. Good job.

i dig the flash…overall just contains win

Looks pretty good. I like the lighting.

Dang, that’s a bright flash for such a dull light source.

the way i put the light bulbs together in gmod made them look like they were emitting a brighter flash then they really where.

Flash doesn’t line up with gun

Ouch jpeg quality.

Lighting, flash and heathaze are awesome though. Nice one.

Such an intreiging title.

what’s the deal with the shitty smoke brushes and matter disruption rounds they’re shooting

How do you make smoke :P? Smoke brushes ftw. (Not really, they are awesome if you can make them look hand drawn, and have depth).

draw your own with a tablet

Amazing picture. I think the lighting captures it.

My only problems lie with the weird heat waves and that the muzzle flash isn’t angled correctly.

I was hoping this had to do something with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell getting the boot.

Damn snowflakes ruined the picture.

But I love the muzzleflash!

which heat waves the ones from the saw or the m16?

Thats specific :P.

Good photo, nice detail on that muzzle flash. Looks realistic enough.

C&C is good as long as you don’t come off as an asshole.

Infantry always has been incredibly gay, just nobody has the balls to say anything about it :black101:

[sp]it’s okay for me to say it because it’s true, trust me[/sp]

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Oh yeah, and this owns. I don’t like the flash or smoke personally, but posing is solid and lighting is great.