Two marines.

I did this picture for practising on posing.
I think it OK for first try.

Original :

Posing on front guy is alittle odd, doesn’t look realistic. Second guy pose is quite nice, loving the peace fingers. Keep practicing dude, you will get better. there is a tutorial around here for improving posing, I’ll try to find it for you
That isn’t the one i was thinking of but it’s the only one i could find

it says airborne on their shoulders

Shh… !
Still looking for marines.

Needs a little work on the posing, but this is still really good for a first-timer. Keep up the good work!




i mean, at least.

Overall good job methinks

Yeah sorry but i didnt turn my spec up.

The edited pic seems a little blurry. Other than that, it looks all right!

The posing is pretty bad. Even for a first.

Keep on trying and you’ll get good someday.

It’s not that bad. My first poses were worse.

A German rifle in the pacific?