Two MARSOCs are shooting for enemy

(i fixed texture error!)

i know MARSOCs doesn’t use ACU pattern.

Nice posing

what does marsoc stand for anyway

Marine Special Operations Command

I’ve been wondering that too. Apparently we have moved away from USMCs and PMCs and the new big thing is MARSOCs…

Looks like the other soldier was headshotted a bit with Firelance.

why do you disregard the perspective?

They’re clearly not MARSOC because, as someone just posted, the M stands for “Marines”, and these guys have the 29th Infantry Division badge quite prominently showing on their arms.

Translate : 그들은 확실히 MARSOC이 아닙니다. 그 이유는 누가 글쓴거처럼 MARSOC의 M이 Marine이라는 단어를 뜻하는거기 때문입니다. 그리고 사실상 이 레그돌들은 팔에 29사단마크를 달고있네여.

그러니까 대충 해병대는 ACU를 입지 않으니까 저스킨을 쓰려면 MARSOC대신 29사단 이라고 부르라고 하네여…

just i didn’t know how can i call it

anyway, models was called for ‘MARSOC’

Why not just call them U.S. Army Special Forces or something along that line.


Why not call them just soldiers, why do we have to be so technical?

My thoughts exactly

makes your thread title longer

also makes you feel like you have a longer cock

Shooting for enemy? TRAITORS!!! Nice posing.

The guy in the background looks mutated.


they are soldiers, okay?

please stop saying about soldiers