Two Men of Power Meet

C&C, yo.

Comment and shizzle, dawg.

dat red!
pic is awesome!

These models have some mighty fine textures.

Fucking awesome models. I can almost see the hidden agenda of the left power man.

There is always a hidden agenda under the skin of powerful man, this is more specific towards the other, however.

“Say, that’s a nice jacket.”

I like the posing a lot. The dude on the left has a surprising subtly to him for a guy with a glowing blue eye and a pinkish-red trench-coat.

I love it. Great job Fussy!

Very nice.

Great Fussy job.

I like it, good work!

General Serrano meets generic administrator.

In seriousness, I really do like this, it’s very natural.

is it just me, or does the business suit guy look like xanatos?

Thanks alot for the comments, guys!

DrSalvador, care to elaborate why this is dumb?

he’s just ~jelly~ of your ~mad skills~ bro