Two men rescuing their ancestors. is Hell OH SHIT TIME TRAVELERS.jpg


zombie, put that gun down. you’re a zombie. zombies dont use guns. what are you doing, zombie? stop that.

Someone never played Stalker. Shame on you.

If you went by the theory that a zombie may retain some basic skills and abilities it knew well then I find it believable it’d be able to use a pistol, maybe not something like reloading or cleaning it but you can pretty much have pulling a trigger as muscle memory if you do it enough.

Zombies don’t float.


Interesting idea for a screenshot (The top one. The zombies one seems a little overdone) and the lighting is great.

Where’s the Delorean?

By the way, the blood sucks. Very two-dimensional and pasted on. Why is the spartan in the background just looking off in the distance? I see he shot somebody, but I don’t understand why he would put his weapon down and look off into the sunset.

You’re right.

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Well you see Dean obviously the other Spartan is only finishing off some other guy that they were shooting at beforehand. Obviously. No seriously I don’t know.

Wow that is just a great avatar.

Why Zombies always have glowing eyes?

Its the magic flowing through their bodies.

It’s obviously the ununpentium circulating through their bodies giving them increased strength and intelligence!

judging by the zombies stance i dont think he is very intelligent