Two Military survivors and me sitting around in a Post-Apolyptic warehouse

C&C Please :smiley: [sp]Yes I am aware of the floating of the left leg of the table-sitting guy :confused: No way to redo it now tho.[/sp]

Why are there three soldiers when the title says two ?

Shit posing.

Not alot of action going. But the posing is good.

2 Soldiers. The third one is Me. I am in no way a soldier

In what way?

Never promised any :stuck_out_tongue: The title says “Two Military survivors and me sitting around in a Post-Apolyptic warehouse”

You, my good sir, are a big shit covered by stupidity.
Seriously, how are you even going to help him by saying that ? Now please, get out.

The posing is good, nice angle. Good overall.

This man speaks the truth!

Thanks you guys :smiley: And who the fuck rated me dumb?!

Dont care about those guys.
There are alot of people that just spam the Dumb rating randomly.

It looks nice.

nicely made

Thanks for the comments guys! Anything I need to get better at?

Might just be me, but it looks like its missing AA. (Anti-Aliasing)
And yeah, check that nothing is clipping/floating before taking the picture.

Posing is good, but in my personal opinion, never make a screenshot with you in it. It makes you look self-centered.

The AA was on at the highest setting and I used some console commands to make the graphics better tho so I can’t really fix that. The floating was for some reason not there when I took the picture. Either that or I was just a blind fuck that did not see it xD

Self-centered in what way? It is not focused on me nor is it only me in the picture. But if there is something else than what I stated please enlighten me!

I bet the blind as fuck part.
But ok, it just looked a bit sharp to me.

Haha, yeah I agree :stuck_out_tongue: And it is kinda sharp but it looks better than no AA at all, right?


I like this but personally I would of made the guy clip checking charging the bolt

turn AA on jesus