Two mobsters are preparing to commit a crime + Bonus.

And the bonus:

Rate&Comment please.
Thank you.

Pretty awesome.


Looks very nice, just a little too high contrast.

Nice faceposing, especially with the guy on the left.

I love you madcopter!

Simple dof ruins it. :frowning:

There is some strong clipping on Nick’s hand and the contrast is a little strong man, but the rest is cool.

Why? :open_mouth:
I think the DOF Focuses your look on the mobsters IMO

It’s good. But the contrast is too heavy, and I’m not liking the simple DoF or the clipping on Nick’s hand.

Use Super DOF

I’ve never used superdof D:
I don’t know how to use it correctly…

It’s easy, pull up the super DoF tool, choose the distance before you render (it’s easier that way :P), when the person or object you want to be in focus is as clear as it can be (not blurry), press Render.

Hope this helps :smiley:

Ok, this really useful…
I’ve always used SimpleDOF and fully accustomed to this…

It’s cool man :slight_smile: Just trying to help a fellow FacePunch’r :v:

nice car

Both pics are smex.

Both look good but I can never take a pose seriously if it uses that citizen model I’ve just seen him in too many comedies!