Two models for a Machinima!

I’m making a machinima and I need YOUR help!

Firstly I need Gwonam’s turban:

Anyone well versed in internet meme knows who Gwonam is, and requesting his turban alone is a strong indication that my Machinima will be great.

Secondly I need Tails in a Nazi uniform.

You could also just do a fox in a Nazi uniform, as long as it’s anthromorphic. I don’t mind if you use head-hacking.

It must be face-posable.

I myself am making the machinima’s more complicated models, such as an anthromorphic rabbit.

Foxes seem more complicated than rabbits IMO

Just as an FYI, most people at Facepunch dislike Youtube poops (so Gwonam is unlikely) and hate furries, Sonic the Hedgehog and Nazis (so no Tails).

Also, bragging about how “great” your machinima is going to be, in a request thread, is kind of egotistic, and not likely to make people want to help you.

I suppose I could do the turban on my own.

But most people here dislike Youtube poop? News to me.

Especially when I found the most conveiniant front and side-views in the world for the rabbit.

Maybe they’re better-liked in the Videos section or whatever, but we here in the Models section are a bunch of stuck-up elitist bastards, and proud of it.

In a completely serendipitous event, I found this, and figured you might want it.

Someone actually made a skin of King Harkinian. I can’t believe it.

I know you didn’t request it, but it might be useful to you.

Thanks, I’ve seen that before, very funny.

I don’t need king Harkinian himself (for the moment.) but I will be making a giant statue of him in Hammer.