Two models in need of a port from Killing Floor.

My Request is simple, can someone please port these two over to Garry’s Mod?

It would be greatly appreciated

Eh, I’ll give it a shot.


Nevermind, the textures refuse to export properly. Sorry

It’s alright, Thanks for trying.

You could just get the textures from the two, and hex the model we already have of him, just using those textures.

Which is what I was doing, but the textures don’t export from the .utx file properly. It’s some broken .dds, which I can’t seem to fix.

The Killing Floor SDK should export textures that aren’t broken. (assuming you’re using umodel)

I was using the SDK.



The model has the skins in different groups, meaning get the skin switcher/bodygroups tool(s) if you don’t have it/them.

You, sir, are amazing. Thank you.

holy shit these are good man!