Two MOH:Source pictures.


In the first picture, the handguard and rail system on the M4 on the left looks gigantic.

Other than that, cool posing I guess. Not really much else I can say.

Not sure how linking me that changes the fact that the model looks disproportionate.

MoH models… check.
ddok… check.
Brown… check.

Why is it that every time you do something promisingly different (in this case, your zombie pose), you then go and totally undo that with another two of the samey pictures that you were supposedly trying to get away from in the first place? You’re a competent poser - hell, you’re far better at it than I am - and you’re apparently capable of porting or ripping pretty much any damn model you fancy, so why do you utterly waste that potential by making the same two or three pictures over and over ad nauseum? It’s depressing as shit. Please, break the habit. You’ll be a better man for it.

As for the M4, it looks like one of those high-speed low-drag free-floated rails with guards on, so it’s probably about the right size.

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Well the second picture isn’t brown at least, but thematically it’s the same shit

At least it’s not Unreal Engine brown.

$60 if you make something with no military in them.

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$70 is my final offer

Henry, you’ll be at the quadruple digits before s/he/it promises to make something different

i would like to purchase your creativity for millions upon millions of dollars.

awesome, that’s what i expect.

Cool poses. I like that laser sight.