Two naval units from an ArmA II mod (LPD and a landing craft)

There aren’t really enough boats in gmod.

That’s an LPD - there’s a video of it in game on the page. It looks like it’s got an interior. It’d be exceptionally fantastic if this interior was made accurately walkable, even if that means compiling it in several chunks. The real thing looks like this:


This is a landing craft. If the ramp could be compiled as a separate model (to be axised on at a later date) it’d be very useful.

Many thanks to he who accepts this task.

I dont believe you can. BI get really bitchy about “their” models being ported, even if its a mod.

The models aren’t theirs. They’re ported from another game.

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So fuck Bohemia. Let them try.

If you can get the original files before they were piped trough any of BIS’s editors then you are in the green.
But legally speaking anything that passes trough their editors, they have certain rights to.
Hence original community ports made from original files - completely fine
original community ports from compiled files (inside of arma) - not fine.

Keep in mind BIS has somewhat different legal aproaches to their models since some of their biggest customers are various militaries and I think they use the same models for those products.

The people porting the models from their original games don’t have rights to sign the content over to bis in the first place, bis cannot own the models.

Actually in a sense they can via derivative rights at least some stuff can be gained. It’s actually fairly normal for various games to have similar clauses.
Essentially the reason DOTA 2 is called DOTA 2 and not defense of the ancients 2.

Copyright is a fairly fickle thing and a lot depends on where you are at a moment. But getting an injunction isn’t too hard. So facepunch takes care.

That’s like willing off my neighbor’s 600 acre ranch to my cousin in law when I die.