Two Navy Seal Frogmen Board a Russian Ship

They show up in their mini subs, grab their guns and C4 and head off to scuttle the boat.

C&C please.

This has really nice lighting, but whats that on the side of the screen?

It is one of their minisubs.

Inspired by the MW2 mission?

[sp]The one on that Oilrig[/sp]
Don’t open unless you’ve completed the MW2 singleplayer campaign!

The map looks quite ugly and blank. Posing is quite good.

Kind of hard to “spice up” the ocean. I couldn’t find a seagull ragdoll.

The posing looks good!

There’s one that sort of… comes with HL2.

Have you been useing custom models so long you forgot the ones that came with HL2?

where didja get the TF141 models?, yet they’ve been deleted.

There’s a playermodel pack with them in it; you could just use those models.

Also, HL2 models make me sad, so I very rarely even look in the file.

Me = Fail.