Two Of My Most Recent Bioshock Pictures

I think these may have been my first decent poses. The Big Daddy was a bit hard to pose as his arms kept moving up. :expressionless:

  1. Stick to one or two images.
  2. Use IMG codes.
  3. Choose a better map.
  4. Work on your posing.

first,don’t post 100000 different angles of the same picture,especially if nothing really happens
second,don’t use ANY construction maps,they are empty and look like shit
third,raise your graphics,anti-aliasing,screen refreshing EVERYTHING to max
fourth,keep on practicing on posing and put props in the scene to make it better

i guess i said everything



Two same pictures, every other picture is the same but with a different angle… We only need to see one.

Boring, needs AA, turn up your graphics, less pictures, better map, editing, and posing.
Work on these.