Two of shitty pictures.

I forgot making blood splatting


Just take it.

An over-sized artistic rating I 'spose. Good posing man, but Soap’s muzzle flash looks 2D.

looks good, but its EXTREMELY boring. why dont you try to pose something less generic?

You call them shitty because you want us to praise them. I know that trick :buddy:

The scope looks too close to that guy on the right’s eye.

ran out of idea
somebody tell me something.

Someone hanging from a helicopter near a train sword fighting another guy standing on top of said train. Bam, idea given.

muzzleflash looks sharp and the guy who got shot in the first pic needs more blood gushing out
posing looks good as usual
nice pictures overall

May I ask where you got these ragdolls, I can’t seem to find them on