Two overwatch defending a hallway

So, I was bored and decided to try a pose. Normally I have been terrible at it, but I put some effort into this one and I think it turned out okay. It is my first real/serious pose.[/media]
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The guy on the mounted gun is bending down to grab a new magazine. I realize the editing isn’t great, I didn’t do much with it.

(C&C is very appreciated.)

And as a bonus, what they’re shooting at. (Made by my friend Bill :3:)
(size again)

That’s not bad at all. But there shouldn’t be a muzzleflash for a gun that’s being reloaded.

What I was going for is that he’s reaching down for a new mag while still firing what’s left in the current one, thanks anyway.

The posing is pretty bad.

Uhh, could you be a little more specific?

It sux the head

First pic. To much green. The way the guy is standing firing the gun would be knocked on his ass by the recoil. The roof light obscure the picture.

Second pic. Ground based weapons are seldom held by one hand. Muzzle flash looks like super hot vapor. Perhaps more like this

The second picture is just a joke, but thanks for the suggestion on the muzzleflash, right now it’s just a in-game effect so it does look pretty crappy.

I guess you’re right about the guy. It does look pretty green but I’m pretty sure that is the way it is in the map.

A tip. If a map is as green like this, combine it with other light sources like light bulbs of various size, color and brightness. It all depends, but you can achieve pretty interesting results.

It’s just generally bad, looks unnatural, and very noobish.


Keep on truckin’

i loved it :3: