Two partners exploring Aperture Labs

Nice. . .Really nice, for a second I thought the cores were like a mech of some sorts in the corner

And Chell looks fat, and her wrist is kinda. . .Broken? o.o

Fatty Fatty no parents

can you link the original please?

Two partners? I only see one set of partners here.

Nice posing n’ such, I like it.

Chell does look fat. Weird

And who is the other girl?

You guys have no idea what fat is, chell doesn’t look even remotely fat.

However, she does look more chubby then usual…

really digg the rest tho. I’m guessing you used the inflator tool for the other girl?

Looks nice.

They’re not exploring, they’re just standing there.

chell is a bit chubby,and trishka has very fat legs…

other than that i really like it

i don’t get why you do so little with your editing

I read “Two partners exploring each others”…

Clean picture.

OP is blank, why won’t firefox load the picture?

Yeeah, Chell looks odd, and her fingers are clipping through the portal gun…
Great picture, nonetheless!

awesome picture, but I really can only focus on your avatar.


This is excellent. I really like Trishka’s posing. Though, I would’ve given them the co-op Portal Guns.

Not bad.