Two People against the World

I am frilly training bra.

What no dildos?

Also, stalker bill is stalking.

Ellis is holding it in his gun holder thing.


Grindhouse :smiley:

For me the Grindhouse leg ruined it. But I like Ellis’ pose.

But that’s what the whole pic is a reference to.

i remembered when Bruce Willis got all fat in that movie and i lol’d

Oh god, I forgot about that.

I know, but, to me it just doesn’t look right.

Yeah the leg sucks.
But the picture is. . . Butthurter :smug:

Planet terror reference there? that was a film n a half not sure if it was so bad/cheesey it was good though


Ellis and Zoey fighting together?!

So Ellis finally understood that he cant fight Zoey… Well done Ellis.

He has to make a deal with Zoey, hence the dildo he’s carrying on his sidearm carrier.

Never seen Grindhouse, reminds me of the Scotsman from Samurai Jack

Planet terror is the name of the referenced movie from the grind house line.

lol wut


A gun foot. Interesting.