Two people looking at birds

Didn’t really know what to call the thread.

The Cold version

The Warm version

Which one do you like better?

P.S. All in game editing.

I’m blind.
But I like the pictures, especially the warm version.


Is that a female robot or a female with armor/suit/whatever?


My eyes.

Wow, that is really constructive, douchebag.

Sup Hairy bastard ?
My eyes.

I need proper constructive criticism on my comments or else I will never improve. Your insults just drive me deeper into spiralling depression.

Well, I could make a big deal out of this, but you are too sad and pathetic to be saved. Enjoy your life.

But if you could do me a tiny whiny favor though, and I am dead serious about this.
Can you arrange so that when you die, I get to know of it? Like a letter in my mailbox or something like that. I would really appriciate it, cuz I would love to dance in the furneral. I don’t think they would actually allow me to dance on your coffin, but I guess dancing next to it will just have to do!
I realize I might have to wait a couple of years before you die… But it would be nice if you still did this little favor for me.

So what do you say old buddy? :smiley:

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling" - PLing))


Hahah I love this game.

Imma go get some popcorn

Unrelated. But even if they weren’t, it’s actually not a contradiction. Allow me to explain so even someone with your IQ could understand.

The thing I was not making a big deal out of was your specific comment in this thread.
The fact I would like to celebrate your death isn’t so wierd is it? I mean, I surely can’t be the only one… I mean, cmon. Have you seen yourself in the mirrior? Not that your looks is the only reason. But I really do not need to go into detail as to why I want to celebrate your death. I mean, everyone can figure it out on their own, even you.

So yes, I don’t see how I am making a big deal out of it, just asking you a favor. Could you arrange so that I get word of your death, or not?
It’s a simple no or yes question…

Yes or no questions means you can only answer with a Yes OR a No


Wow, I explained it in such a detailed way I didn’t think you could fuck up a Yes or No question.

I guess I underestimated your stupidity.

I’m gonna need two bags.


make it three

My tiny little brain tells me that you are trolling.

Nice pictures. But my god what is that between the female robots’ legs?

The cold version is coo.


He’s not very good at it either.

I like it. Deserves artistic.

P. Awesome, Dt.

Oh shit E-Drama

AI, send me across two bags too. I’ll bring the coke.

Wow, way to act 5 Hairy.

WTF birds?