Two Person Saw

So my friends and I were out harvesting wood and thought it would be really cool if you could make a big two person saw out of metal frags and wood.

I saw the animal based power - which said you could manually power it yourself - and think it might be in line with development direction.

Also would encourage teamwork, similar to the comfort system.

I tried to search for this but found nothing, so sorry if it has been recommended already.

Thoughts anyone?

what would be the advantage to this? faster harvesting?

Grouping up already confers an advantage over those who roll solo, do we really want to increase that advantage exponentially with special two man items?

Meh, don’t personally think its worth coding the interaction.

Yes, faster harvesting.

Groups will always have the advantage vs. solo and it seems that’s the way they want it (e.g. comfort). It’s also hard to argue with the fact that a group of people has a much higher chance for survival than a lone wolf.

When it takes so much to take down a stone or armored wall, it’s quite difficult to do much of anything besides farm solo. Spending 5 minutes hacking at a stone wall with a pick axe without anyone watching your back just isn’t feasible.

This would allow groups to farm wood faster - which I believe is a level playing field - and also encourage interaction between the group while farming.