[Two Pics] A Combine Elite is Stalked; Helping Hand



If the image sizes are too large, tell me and I’ll downscale them. I wasn’t sure what you all thought about that.

go lighter on the DOF

For the first picture, I kind of agree, but for the second, the purpose was to make things seem confusing or a bit on the chaotic “What the hell?!” side. Somewhat. Maybe I should’ve had more action to indicate that.

The first one is awesome.

Yeah. I’m really proud of the first. It’s not as good as I wanted but it was a good learning experience.

The first one is almost real.

Is the first one all in game?

Mostly. The depth of field and everything was ingame. I changed the colors by post-editing. Also the darkened edges around the sides.

Well, you did a damn good job at it. I love the lighting on it.

Oh, also darkened the shadows on the Elite.

Thanks. Not just to you though. The others. I’m glad to know I haven’t completely lost my skill, seeing as how I typically vanish and reappear on these forums. =D

What about the second pic though?

it didnt work

It didn’t? Well alright. Was a learning experience at least. What could’ve I done better?

nice lighting in the first one

As beautifully rendered as they both are, I’m afraid it’d be quite difficult to successfully sneak up on a Combine Elite. I’m sure it would take precautions to carefully scan the room before fully entering. Not to mention that it’s probably outfitted with advanced sensory equipment that’d easily foil the electro-absorbent properties of, well, the foil that the stalker in question might possess. He’d be a lot safer if he was wearing my bottle-binocs.

You must not know the man in the background is Sam-motherfucking-Fisher and probably EMP’d the general area to render any electronic enhancements useless.

…It’s funny, I suspected it was him all along!

They look awesome. Nice job on the lighting.

Not bad. The title made me expect something terrible so I am pleasantly surprised. The DoF is excessive but it produces an interesting style.

Aw, really? Think I’d come into your thread crittin’ yo’ pics, then not have anything to show that I know what I’m talking about? Lol.