Two pictures that didn't need separate threads

Gay color version:

Soooo… These pictures didn’t need seperate threads, they didn’t even need this thread. But what the heck, eh?

threeeeee pictuuuuureeeeesssss.


I’d buy that CD.

You get a artistic, but only because of the second picture. Metro 2033 <3 (The game was good but the book was a million times better!)

It’s such a great book. If you look closely at the map in the beginning, you can find the station in my picture. :3:

I think the first one would look a bit nicer with some Simple DOF, and the last feels empty, though I bet that’s what you were aiming for.

Also the guitar looks like its going through the engineers shirt.

Editing and posing was nice though

Simple DoF looks terrible. I was going to use Supoer DoF, but it crashed my game at the time.

Well then use simple DOF if “Supoer DOF” crashes the game so much.

No, I’d rather have it like this because it simply looks terrible.

Nice Metro 2033 reference

If the other songs are as good as “More Gun” then I totally would too.

Any more comments on this one?

The second one is cool.