Two players enter an abandoned server.

I hate that feeling when you enter an abandoned server.

The whole theme of abandoned things has become saturated. People add Portal 2 or L4D props way too much, sleeping bags and broken glass and lots of foliage spam makes it all a big cliche.

I don’t like the colour scheme, especially the blue overlay bugs me.

For once I agree with you. Someone should make a scene/pose where the abandoned place is just abandoned, not wrecked and full of bodies/plants.

This is really cool dude

Nice image
and very nice idea

More rusted/grunge/worn out textures. Cool pic.

been usin a lot of your tips lately, and shit me they work <3

love that corner

i read sewer and got confused by the picture

War of the Servers, eh?

Honestly, a SMALL bit of foliage and broken glass is a good way to convey the whole “Abandoned” feeling but the body bags and and shit that’s on fire is just dumb.

Still good pic tho

Corner is awesome and I :love: it.

It seems a bit too blue and perhaps even a bit too empty, probably because you have that big clusterfuck of vines and moss in the corner yet not even a little growth on the grass

Looking good man.

There’s something about this I quite like. Can’t really put my finger on it, but good job nonetheless :slight_smile:

You’re Winner!