Two PMCs prepare to spring a trap for an OpFor

Appropriate thread music (skip to 1:05 for the epic part):

Notes (prepares to be shot)

  • I realize the PMC guy running towards the camera is only carrying an MP5K. Maybe we can just say it’s part of the trap (to deceive the OpFor into assuming his target is alone and very lightly armed)

  • Obligatory G-Man sighting

  • Film grain

  • This was a frustrating pose. It took me an hour to do it and set it all up, only to find when I’d exited the game that I’d accidentally clicked the “render” button for Super DoF again, rather than the screenshot button. I had a save of it, so I went back to the scene (where the rebel head had conveniently disappeared) and re-posed the rebel.

  • The rebel I mentioned before is not a hack. I did some inflator work (the rest of the model is actually behind the PMC; my inflator tool crashes me if I completely deflate too much of the model at one time, so I had to do that little trick.)

  • I must apologize for the huge swath of unused area in the upper-right corner. No other angle would’ve really worked well with how little space I had and what I was going for, and I nothing that would make sense if I put it over there…

  • The partially hidden PMC nearest the camera is that way for two reasons. First of all, his face and his eyes are not poseable, giving him a neutral look and eyes that don’t make sense (he would have to look like he’s watching the alley). Second, the expression on the rebel disappeared at the distance of the camera, which wasn’t all that far. I had to sacrifice and zoom in the camera a little bit so you could see the worried look a bit better (anyone know the command to keep detail at a distance?).


I don’t get why people are watching from the windows.

If it’s happening in a populated city, there could be random bystanders looking on in awe, oblivious to the danger of course. The background on the picture is a bit open ended.

Theres no emotion in the picture you know? Nothing that makes me think what will happen next. The posing and everything is cool but its just not really interesting.

Could you elaborate a bit more? I don’t understand.

The picture is well… just a picture you know.
The picture doesnt give me the feeling that they created a trap to kill this OpFor. Its just plain and not interesting.
Problems are:
Camera Angle(boring)
I cant say what they are doing at the moment the picture was taken. If they created a trap why is that guy running away?

The one hiding behind the corner is ready to pop out and shoot or otherwise incapacitate the OpFor chasing his buddy.

You need to focus more on what you want to show.
The OpFor is too far away creating a safe feeling what you dont want in this picture for example.

Makes enough sense…

Come on, bump. In need more opinions. The mount of work this took was insane.

El bump.

runner pose good
but left guy is eh.

I like it, But where is everyone getting the model used for the body?

I see gman, top right window, what do I win?, also In my opinion its pretty good

The body model is from Tsauldrl (or whatever his name is)'s PMC pack. That’s about the only usable on in the whole pack, though.

No, Zilo, you didn’t win anything this time around, other than brownie points.