Two Police officers discussing recent events

Followup to that torture pic.
-That’s a fresh cig, that’s why it’s not lit
-Started as just a cop in the subway but i decided against it
-There’s a dying punk lower left

You really like those Dystopia models don’t you.

They’re just SO GOOD LOOKING.

Posing’s pretty good, although the Male 9-cop’s right hand looks weird in the second pic.

Also, smoking kills.

Wow thats a very very big cigarette

It is a few inches from the cam/not my problem it’s the modellers

It is your problem if you want to make a good screenshot.
You know you could have just taken the Spys cigarette. Its much realer.
Posing in secong picture is pretty awkward

No it’s not, a: It’s lit and B: It’s cartoony and you’d complain about that C: It’s square.


So does having your intestines ripped out infront of your eyes then having your head shot off but they don’t put that on fag boxes do they?

Its better than this model even if its lit and its not cartoony its pretty real bu this model is too bland.

It’s not at all realistic, it’s square and gleams like it’s made of baloon. whereas cigarettes are “Bland” Like you said, not everything needs phong you know

Whatever. Cigarette model has the size of a cigarr and thats just wrong.

Most modern cigars are alot smaller than portrayed in media, infact my stepdad had some and they were smaller than rollies(Cigarette paper with tobacco in it)

boy have you ever seen a cigarette

I doubt he has, besides if he means how close to the camera is, i live with 3 smokers so i kinda know how people smoke ciggies.

also it depends on the manufacturer of the cig because they do come in all shapes and sizes

Just looks very big to me.

Shibboro are big
“Shibboro, Size Does Matter™”