Two Posing Soldiers

Some soldiers posing after a mission (by the way on the hip of the left guy is some weird pouch he’s not bent forward)

Did they do a line of coke before this picture? Very generic.

lol? why did you say that

you have to use the eye poser to fix the eyes dude and why are they using different camouflage?
plus they are russian meaning they’d use an AK not a m16 or m1014

they don’t really need to wear the same they met up after two different missions is same place (diferent squads)

No if they are in the same general are they’d be using the same camo
and squads do not get issued different camo

okay sorry im not really that much into ranks and squads o.O

Because their eyes are wide open.

Nice posing, but their eyes are crZY

fingerpose on the left one failed…
also turn up your anti-aliasing

k ty guys