Two problems that need HELP!

First of all, when i spawn a custom ragdoll that i’ve downloaded on spawn as props, I can’t pose them or anything, I can just grab them from their feet. Like the Announcer ragdoll.

2 problem, whenever I spawn a model like Alyx, TF2 HWM models heads, Dr. kleiner, Coach’s head, some props and some other ragdolls, they have some kind of black shadow around them, the only thing to fix them, is to put them in dark areas. I don’t want to pose them in dark, i want light, goddammit, LIGHT! BUT WHEN I PUT THEM IN THE LIGHT, THE BLACK THINGS REAPPEAR! cough
So, does anyone have an idea to fix these (Or even ONE of them!)?

For the first problem, try to verify if there is a .phy in the file if not, its the problem,
but if there is one, the problem is from your garrysmod.

For the second, post a screen to what it do.

Yeah, there is a matafacking .phy file, how probably can i fix it?

Try to retry to load your ragdoll into a fresh Gmod (bakup you old folder)

Is the second one something like this?