two problems!

Hello people,
I have two problems (in game) with gmod.
First: I can’t change my player model. It is stuck on that yellow suited combine. I am thinking of trying to delete it in my gmod folder, will that work?
Second: I can’t get the “NPC Camera” to work. I tried reinstalling it. What i think is the problem is that: one day i tried to work the “Moving Camera” mod, but it glitched up and got stuck on the first camera. I think i did it wrong. Now my NPC camera won’t work. Is this possible to fix?

  1. Yellow suited combine? I didnt know there was one.
  2. Clean up your gmod and install it again. If it doesnt work, an update broke it.

Let me see if i can find the player model.


Okay, i can’t find it. I will post a video of the problem sometime later. After that i will reinstall gmod.

You mean you don’t know what you did for the yellow combine?

Take a screenshot after you die, so I can see what it looks like. I can help you from there.