Two questions i have got stuck with could anyone help me

the two questions i have are this:

1> i have just downloaded the v mask from and placed it in the models and materials folder where it should go but i am unable to find it in teh browser tab in gmod (i have search every section of that and nothing) i was wondering if i had to re configure it or tell it that there are new props and if so how do i go about doing that or how i find it.

2> i have started using source recorder and love it (yes its slow but the end result is excelent). i tried an experiment using a standard camera but found that source onle selected first person view. there is third person but this tracks the player.
can i tell console or any the source smother to recognise the in game camera or is it a case of using fraps if i want this option


Link to the v mask?

You need to open the folder ā€˜Vā€™, then put the Models and Materials folder in the main directory. Its just badly packaged.

i did that still not able to find it

is there a search fuction addon for finding files

Yes, under the spawnlists but over the proplist.

thanks for that now i have to figure out what the hell it is called


i have finally found it :stuck_out_tongue: thanks Hakita for your help