Two questions to do with model panel angles and render lines

Since most of my threads only have one question in them, I decided to make this one with two.

Question 1
How would I get a DModelPanel’s model be rotated in such a way that a vector relative to the model would be positioned so it’s facing the camera directly? I tried:

local VectorLocalToModel = Vector( 0.5, -38, -22.2 )
ModelPanel.Entity:SetAngles( ( VectorLocalToModel - ModelPanel.vCamPos ):Angle() )
-- I don't really need to convert this vector to the world because the DModelPanel's origin for spawning models is Vector(0,0,0) anyway

Question 2
[del]Why do render lines (render.DrawLine) seem to ALWAYS have depth? If you have a render line behind an object as well as something like a box (render.DrawBox), both with their last argument as true, the box can STILL be seen, but the line is hidden as it should be!

This is what I mean- the cube is ALWAYS visible (even behind the object), but the line gets hidden! How can I get the cube to be hidden as well?

Solved-I needed to change the material…

Thanks for any help/suggestions/ideas! :excited:

Bump… PLEASE ANSWER ME :suicide: