Two questions

I’ve got two questions that i need answered:

  1. This looks shit ugly, the compiling process does do bounce and it’s in HDR why does the colors turn out so blocky?(All light is from light_environment)

  1. How do I make a hole in a brush like in the picture:

I could do it with carve but as far as I’ve heard I shouldn’t.

For number two make two arches and use the vertex tool to make it a square

For number one compile with -final

Stargate map?
Sorry if I’m wrong it just looks like that second thing is a ring transporter

Nah, it is seen from the top, so it’s going to be a ceiling window

For number 2 check out this tutorial:

I used to think there was a “proper” way to carve. There isn’t.
Just use the vertex manipulation tool.