Two Questions!

Hey guys,

I have my own 40 slot RP Server and I’m struggling with two things.

Im trying to make a new class be able to spawn weapon shipments but get “You do not have the right job to /buyshipments” and just cannot find a way around it. Anybody know how to do it?

Also, I’m trying to make a Keypad Cracker shipment but just cannot get the script right. My scripting is fine for all other shipments. Can anyone give me the line that I can copy and edit?

Also, feel free to visit my server (Server Build In Progress)

Zero DarkRP Server
IP: [Play]
Game: garrysmod
Players: - / 40
Average: 10 / 40
Map: rp_downtown_v2 (174)
Month Uptime: 97.1530%
Rank: Game: 3570 - Overall: 138238

Thanks in advance for any help.


Extremely subtle advertising you have there.

The post is for the help. The server info is for people to see what I’m trying to do…

I’ll see what I can do with helping you though i can’t promise anything (haven’t scripted in awhile)

anyways the /buyshipment line if i remember right has a set of code in which telling it which classes can and cannot use it/them and the keypad cracker if i remember right has a different classification then the general darkrp sweps and therefore needs to be classified different (i am really bad at explaining things too)

Dude i would love to help i used to have my own server with darkrp so… add me on steam so we can talk about it Name: El_moablo