Two Questions!

Hey guys,

I have my own 40 slot RP Server and I’m struggling with two things.

Im trying to make a new class be able to spawn weapon shipments but get “You do not have the right job to /buyshipments” and just cannot find a way around it. Anybody know how to do it?

Also, I’m trying to make a Keypad Cracker shipment but just cannot get the script right. My scripting is fine for all other shipments. Can anyone give me the line that I can copy and edit?

Thanks in advance!


Can noone help with the /buyshipments? I’ve made it so the shipment can also be spawn by a gun dealer but i also have the same problem with that.

Current command line for the shipment is below:

AddCustomShipment(“Pump Shotgun”, “models/weapons/w_shot_m3super90.mdl”, “weapon_pumpshotgun2”, 12000, 5, false, nil, true, {TEAM_BLACK})

I’ve managed to sort out the keypad cracker. Stupid mistake on my part