Two questions

First question is what is advanced duplicator and how do I get it on my gmod?

Second is how do I find out what version gmod I have, does it matter what version I have, and whenever gmod has an update, does it sometime update my version?

Technically, those are like 5 questions, but those are the questions.

P. S. I got gmod about a year ago, and i’ m running gmod off of half life 2, if it helps. Thanks!

Adv Duplicator is a tool that lets you save your contraptions and load them later. It also has the ability to upload and download contraptions from and to other servers.
It is included in Wiremod. To get Wiremod, use this tutorial:

If you PAYED for your Gmod, you have the latest version of Gmod and yes it will be updated automatically. If you did not pay for your Gmod you don’t have the latest version (Version 9 or below) OR you ARE A PIRATE (In which case:

nah, it’s cool, i bought it off steam for $30 ($10 for gmod and $20 for half-life 2 & half-life 2: lost coast.)

Thanks for the help!