Two Questions

I have two questions.

First Question (Minor): My garry’s mod background is still gman wearing a cone with a citizen behind him, the one everyone has had for years. Apparently it somehow failed to update it to the new one, with the citizen with the toolgun in the grass with the crows as much of you probably have right now. Any ideas of how to get the new one?

Second Question (Major): Well recently, my computer had something terribly wrong with it, making my background go black, tons of errors coming up, tons of files gone somehow, etc. After reconfiguring (I think thats what it’s called) my computer, it seemed to be all back to normal, but it wasn’t. My entire library is deleted, documents, music, pictures and videos, gone, nothing there. Not even the folders are there. So I went to my gmod folder steam /steamapps /username /garrysmod/garrysmod. Only a few folders were there like lua and cliche, things that I really don’t need very much, but all my most needed folders ARE gone. Addons, maps, screenshots, weapons, etc. I really need all of this back because I have important things in my library and Gary’s mod folder that took years to get, all just to be gone in a matter of a few hours.

So please, anyone with ANY useful suggestions to either questions please answer. I would most appreciate you answering the second one as it is most important, but if you know one of the other please answer.

EDIT: Also, I have been making some maps recently and was in the middle of a my best yet map, and would hate for all of the other custom ones I made and the WIP one right now to be gone.

verify game data ?

right click on game in list, select properties, click on the local game files, and then click on verify integrity of game cache,. if anything is missing or screwed up doing this should fix it.

Didn’t work…the same folders are there which are ones I dont need.

Bump, I really need this fixed.

Reinstall garrysmod completely.

The thing is, all my stuff is still there. Just there is nothing in my garrysmod folders.

That sounds like you used a crack at one point to play Garrysmod and then bought the game itself. Clear out all traces of Garrysmod and then relaunch it.