Two quick things!

My first problem, I am currently using the M9K weapon packs for my server, and inside the f4 menu they show up all wrong (some guns aren’t even there and others it just shows like a small portion of a grip, like the gun is fitting the icon box). Any way to fix that??

Also I am trying to make it where the law boards are saved over map restarts, is there a way to do this, I am currently trying to use this code

local function SpawnEntities()
	if SERVER then
		local law = ents.Create("darkrp_laws")
hook.Add( "InitPostEntity", "SpawnEntities", SpawnEntities)

But it does nothing when the map restarts, is that the correct code for that and if so where exactly is that placed, any help is greatly appreciated!
TO add on the m9k issue, I was on a server that used it. And their icons in the f4 menu was the icons from the Q>weapons menu. How do I get those icons to my f4 menu?

First problem. Other server uses modification what changes spawnicons for icons from weapons menu. (Maybe I can code this shit.Contact me on skype: tony19061999)
Second problem. Where you launching that script? From some addon, gamemode or just autorun? And try to freeze it. law:SetMoveType(MOVETYPE_NONE)