Two Ragdoll Requests -- Chell in HL2 Civilian/Resistance Clothes

I would do them myself but I can’t seem to get my head around this at all, even with the tutorial I read :frowning: So I hope one of you people are nice and help me.

For posing and comics and fun things like that, I’d like a model of Chell (either the Portal or Portal 2 is fine with me; I do not fussy) in the blue civilian outfit, and in Resistance outfit (the knit cap thing would be nice touch, but not essential), from HL2. (Yes, I already know Portal 2 is meaned to set in the future; I still want to make poses anyways.) This, I think, would be a head hack and I don’t think would be too much time. It would also be nice if you could keep the citizen animations (I’m a lazy poser), but if its extra work don’t worry.

I could pay $5 (Canadian) on PayPal for each model, but not really anything more, I’m on a very tight budget.

Thank you.

I will bump this in case someone who can do it didn’t see it before, or if someone can redirect me to a place where it would be better to ask. Thanks.

Seems like a very possible reskin or re-model.

Pardon me, but I’m not exactly sure what you mean. I know what reskins and remodels are, but I’m not entirely sure what “very possible” is – meaning someone is likely to do it?

Just another bump, in case somebody else sees this who can do the model.

the blue civilian jumpsuit is kinda self explanatory, but what is the resistance outfit? any pictures of it?

Edit: Nevermind. Figured out what you meant. Are you going to want faceposing? cause that’s gonna cost extra.

Here’s a link:

Edit: Crosspost!

jeeze, you guys are quick. anyways, Are you gonna want faceposing, cause that’s gonna cost extra…

Depends on how much more, exactly.