Two random Sonic posing


Ok I guess.


Saw random and sonic knew what was going to happen.'s%20ok%2C%20you%20can%20hotlink%20this%2C%20I%20swear%20I%20won't%20change%20it%20this%20time.gif

if its any consolation i like the 2nd pic more than the first
maybe its because i just have a hatred for ragdoll poses in gm_bigcity

and your posing is actually good as observed in the 2nd pic, 1st pic i cant really say the same since sonic doesnt appear to be struggling to hold onto the dragon. lighting also appears to be good in the 2nd pic

try to avoid posing in gm_bigcity

Wow… so much anti-Sonic peoples…

Facepunch doesn’t take lightly to Sonic poses and shit.

Sonic use to be cool back then, now he’s just an anime character with so many annoying fans in deviant art.

Please take your hedgehogs fantasies elsewhere.

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You make me ashamed belgium is sharing my language.

Calm the fuck down guys. No need to be that harsh.

Take a look at his past work, he hasn’t been improving at all despite a few constructive comments here and there. Even in this thread he completely ignored butthurter’s post. And he perfectly knows sonic poses are definitly not taken well over here, since he has tried several times to post some already. Feels like he ain’t learning shit.

Ok ok all right… so everyone hate Sonic here then i’ll share no more of my Sonic poses here because peoples love my poses in other forums

That’s because they’re just as dull as you are.

I think Sonic1993 reaction would be like this, if he read it

Merci, maintenant dégage.
Hugh I hate speaking French.

Tu mihi excitare lacerti flectendo

its funny how robotnick failed to kill sonic so many times with robots when all you needed was a road, two trees and a piano wire