Two rebel faction members.

One won’t see the end of the first snowfall of that winter. Thought I would try doing a snowy atmosphere. Done on gm_flatgrass.

Comments and rate and what have you.

“Oh look, a quart- click
oh shit!”

Haha, I was going for the “Fuck I tripped on a branch” but now all I see is some rebel bent over picking up a quarter…

nicely done


Vary Nice, if you could add some snow with photoshop, it would be vary nice.

Wait what? There is snow…

i think he means on the ground but i u said its the first snowfall so u don’t really need it.

Oh, I get it now… Ya, it is the FIRST snow fall so the lack of snow is important. How about the snow itself, does it look real? What could I do to improve on it?

Very nice.


Lovely grass and background. Is it a scenebuild? If so, what map?

flatgrass. Also I think the snow looks perfect.
Otherwise nice pose and all.
Barn in the distance :v:

Ya I tried to make it look as Central Ontario as possible. I think I did a pretty good job. Thanks guys.