Two rebels get killed by combine


Test some blood effect

Blood looks good, but posing is really bad.

UberGamer I want to look at your screenshots!

If you can’t take C&C then why post?

But he’s riiiight

You simply envy me.


Who is right?! He simply envies me

First you tell me I’m going to be banned for saying you’re an idiot (see Resident Evil_Subway).
Now you can’t take simple C&C, when I was correct in the first place.

And now you say I envy you.
No, just no.

** EDIT **
Not to mention that you click dissagree on everything that is negative towards you.

All I’m saying is you have to get used to C&C, you can’t just insult or insist you are correct.
I’m just trying to help.

Blood looks ok, except the angles are off in both instances. And in the first pic, blood wouldn’t explode out in blobs like that, it would be sprayed out, it looks more like a giant blood ‘drop’ the way you di it.

Also, the posing sucks.

Ok, i dont wont fuck with you, but I wait YOUR screenshots WITH VERY BEST POSING I WAIT IT!!!

I don’t pose. And me making some shitty poses wouldn’t make yours any better, so what are you getting at?

1 question for you WHY posing is suck?!

Oh well, if you only want to take criticism from someone who post lot of pictures…
The blood effect is cool, everything else is bad. Bad choice of map, bad posing, generic picture.
And my compilation, so you don’t say “You envy me” :

Oh god ahaha, the blood is good, the posing however is rather crap, keep practiz.


Now that I see that you are somewhat retarded and cant take C&C:

The Combines leg are too spread
The Rebel getting shot in the head is posed badly.
de_dust, wtf?


Wait you can be trolling too, not sure though.

posing is bad

Is it just me or does the Combine look like an NPC?

This is rather fucking horrible.

But the blood is good.


The posing is not that bad, just needs more practise.

True but I’d Like to see Uber’s Pictures.:cool:

OK guys, I go to practice with models from DoD

I like the Combine Soldier poseing and the Rebel poseing, as for the dead one… she could use a little bit more work to make her look like she is dead, I know it can be a bitch to do but you’ll get the hang of it.