Two rebels walking on a road.

A love tunnel…

Happy Valentines Day!

Please don’t bitch about the hands, I spent a good twenty minutes trying to get it to look nice and this is by far the best I could do. Finger posing for the female citizens is harder then a virgin staring at a whore.

Why are they walking in the middle of the road?

To Get Ran Over By A Car :v:

it doesn’t look very natural, they’re kinda spaced far apart, but i like it

Fuck sidewalks. <3

Leg posing is pretty bad, and their arms look kinda stiff. Loads of wasted space, and she looks dumb.

You would think the rebels would be closer to White Forest Base.And they’re not rebels they’re refugee’s

They. Are. Rebels. To. Fashion.

They should be walking in the sunlight.

Damn I should replay all Half Life games