Two Red Army soldiers

make bad, sorry… this is my first release screenshot

Why are they holding German weapons?

And so it begins.

Because they are prepared to fight with zombies

Doesn’t make one bit of sense.

Sorry, next time I will be amended

Whats the hell is happening ! ! ! ! ! ? ?

n ice shot br0!

That drink is giving him rabies.

And a lot of wasted space

Don’t look into his eyes, they’ll hunt you. [:frowning:

This is just terrible.

Change a little, but not very good

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Sorry… My drawing ability is not very good

You managed to make it even worse!

I feel very bad too,I can only apologize to answer you,sorry

You’re welcome

This is so shit.

He’s either a troll or a retarded 10 year old.

I suspect both.

Oh god no…just no.

You can degrading me works , but you can’t humiliate my personality, thank you

Name fits and I sense a lot of stupidity.