Two Red Eyes.

Eh, its my first, but i thought it was cute, so here it is. I guess ill be making more, at some point.

Too much red?

Too much red, consruct, and needs a better angle, but nice posing for a first

damn, that was fast. i knew there was too much red.

Turn graphics up and change the map.

Posing is descent.

Posing is very good, but it needs a better map to do it justice. That red overlay is…bad.


and this

Yeah. Everybody said what I was gonna say… but nice pose for a first.

Looks nice I like it.

Yep, too much red. And the male’s posing looks sloppy from the torso down (looks like you just dragged the torso there, parted the legs and left them there, proceeding to pose the rest of the body).

Other than that, I like it. Especially the posing of the female looks natural.

I don’t even mind gm_construct, since, for hell’s sake, there could be a completely identical place in a map from an alley, you might as well use gm_construct where you can find the place quickly

I like it, except its too boring. And maybe, you went a little overboard on the red.