Two reinforcements are arrive. But other squads are dead.


Great models. Loving that magpul and the grenade-launcher, as well as those shemaghs around their necks.

Awesome, are you going to release those? Very nice picture.

Awesome man, I dunno how many times I’ve told you :smiley:


I need shemags

nice did you release these? if so please can you send me link

the picture loading takes long times,
good pose and edit

I’ll release them tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

And I got the MAGPUL from FPSBANANA

Some of the gun doesn’t fit the area, lol.

As well as the black cloth, should have a camouflage pattern on it. Or they would be toast.

Dude’s using a grenade launcher, in what looks like close combat? I’ve never seen that, lol.
Maybe a M4/M203 combo, but not that.

Yeah, not a compiled one though :smiley: