Two Republic Commandos in a hallway.

I’m testing out more models.
C&C please.

Lighting could be better.

“Hey, you! Shut that flashlight off! You’re giving our position away!” :v:

They’re looking pretty nice. Did you port those rifles from the Republic Commando game?

God damn those helmets are BIG.

Yes, the weapons are directly ported from RC.
I have the real commando models too but they’re a pain in the ass to t-pose/rig.

Not really…

Good Star Wars

Looks great but it needs more RandomAlienclimbingbehindthem


Well, the left commando’s helmet doesn’t look so big, but the right one’s does. A bit at least.


Ah, forget it.

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Now im curios and ill give you a box with a facehugger in it if you dont tell.

And I’ll give you a picture with a rapist xenomorph in it.

Have a heart
I <3 u

Love only hurts. That’s what I have learned.

They look a bit feminine. I mean the way the legs narrows in to the tights. And listen to Combine. You can’t go wrong with RandomAlienclimbingbehindthem:biggrin:

Emo. :downs:

No I’m not :saddowns:


“Hey you! Have you seen the droids we are looking for?”
Good lighting.